PDF markup and annotation Javascript library

Markup and annotate pdf files fast and easy with pdfgo.js. Choose color, draw shapes, measure and save to pdf.

Annotate pdf on the fly

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Smooth integration

No headaches. Integrate with your application with just a few lines of code.

					<!-- Step 1: Call pdfgo.js script in header -->
<script src="pdfgo.js"></script>

<!-- Step 2: Add pdfgo div with config in body -->
<div id="pdfgo" 

Draw shapes and freehand

Choose color and draw lines, rectangles, circles, clouds and smooth freehand. 

Add text

Choose color and add text on your pdf document.

Add markers

Add markers or custom icons on the pdf document.

Measure Area, Distance & Perimeter

Measure path, perimeters and area. Calibrate the ruler against the pdf.

Save to PDF

Save the pdf annotations back to pdf with the same margins, paper size etc. Super fast and 100% on the client side.

Simple pricing

Try it for free with our CDN and upgrade to Premium when you’re ready to go live.

Trial SDK

Get started in minutes and try all features for free. Fast access with our CDN hosting.

Free forever


Includes perpetual license, all source code and docs.                  

$1,600 USD

Test Mode

Add a powerful pdf viewer with markup and
annotation with just a few lines of code.